Work Styles at Colere

A variety of work styles

Starting from 3 hours a day.

Some members work four hours a day, three days a week, while others find it difficult to work full time due to family reasons. The contractual relationship between the company and the individual is equal and diverse without being bound by convention.What we value in mission assignment is to let each person's intrinsic nature come into play., and to have them play an active role by utilizing their strengths. We will use technology which fosters an environment where people can focus only on work that is truly valuable.

Office Anywhere in the World

The place where you are now is your office. Working at any place and any time

At Colere, each and every one of us is committed to the practice of work in life. Our co-chair lives in Sydney and Iki City, Nagasaki, and some of our staff live abroad.Respect among members is paramount. We always pay attention to the relationship and business collaboration among members who have physical distance and time difference. Time to talk in the same space and face-to-face is also important, so after the pandemic is over, we plan to hold regular off-site meetings in Iki and other places around the world.

Contributing to the community

Giving back to the community with your time and abilities. A way of working that expands the circle of happiness

At Colere, we support the practice of ”work in life”. We offer a new type of paid leave called "For Community" (tentative), which can be taken in one-hour increments so that employees can flexibly engage in volunteer activities in the community. Caring for and nurturing the community in which you live leads to a richer life.In addition, by demonstrating individual strengths and specialties in places and times other than work, individual experiences and diversity will be enhanced. As a result, We are convinced that Corelle's corporate value will also increase.

Positions available

We are looking for a person who embodies the values of Colere. To achieve this goal, we are looking for people who can embody the values of Colere.

Please see this link for current open positions and how to apply.

Colere House

The residence for Colere members's where they can feel the common values in their body and soul.

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