We create a "CHRO* team" together with the manager.

We create a "CHRO* team" together with the manager.We believe that it takes at least two years of change to create the ideal organization for management.Colere utilizes a unique method to create an organization built on trust, and provides a comprehensive service from the formulation of HR policies to the setting of an agenda for realization and support for the implementation of specific measures.

CHRO - Chief Human Resources Officer

Features of Colere's CHRO Service


We support organizational development in a coherent manner, from HR philosophy to HR strategy and concrete measures.

The knowledge is provided by people who are personally involved in the most advanced organizational development.

We develop the human resources of our clients and encourage them to become self-reliant.




Formulate a unique HR philosophy

Through dialogue and questioning with the manager, we will clarify "what kind of organization and why".
By doing so, we work together to find the organization's unique HR philosophy and policies.



Setting the strategic HR agenda

We do not apply trendy concepts or best practices from other companies.
In order to embody the organization's unique HR philosophy and policies, we set a strategic agenda that needs to be addressed.



Support for implementation of measures

While taking into account the unique circumstances of the organization and the psychological aspects of the people involved,
we give advice on how to develop and implement specific measures,
We will be with you throughout the implementation of the measures

Service Details

HR Philosophy Formulate Program

3 months


In 3 months, we design the HR philosophy and set the strategic HR agenda for the company's growth.

Organizational Transformation Program

24 months


This is a program to support organizational transformation in line with the established agenda while accompanying the process.

HR Philosophy Formulate Program

Together with the leadership team and HR managers, we design strategic HR that accelerates the growth of the company.This is a three-month program to design the core of strategic HR, the HR philosophy, and to set an agenda for strategic HR management.

Recommended for the following companies

・Startups that want to solidify their strategic HR philosophy and agenda, which will be the foundation to support their rapid growth.
・Companies that need an organizational change in line with their business prospects but wonder how to proceed.
・Companies that need to develop middle management and to encourage employee autonomy.

Program Features

・By employee interviews and dialogues with senior management, we formulate your unique strategic HR philosophies.
・Design a strategic HR philosophy that serves as the foundation for future growth, rather than just implementing a tool or system
・You will be assigned by experienced professionals who have been involved in organizational development and strategic HR at leading Japanese companies.
・This is a fully remote project, so you don't have to worry about schedule adjustments or delays in progress.

Period and Price

Implementation period: 3 months
Price: Monthly fixed fee system

Organizational Transformation Program

Once the HR philosophy and agenda have been formulated, there is another level of difficulty involved in implementing it.Colere works with you until your organization is transformed. This program is also designed to develop internal human resources who can take on the role of CHRO.

Recommended for the following companies

・This program is available for companies that have already received the "HR Philosophy Formulate Program".

Program Features

・We take responsibility for supporting the implementation of the strategic HR agenda that has been formulated.
・We design and implement specific HR systems and measures in line with your company's needs, rather than following the trendy systems and examples of other companies.
・By working with your internal HR staff/team on the implementation process, we can help you develop human resources who can take on the role of CHRO.

Period and Price

Implementation period: 24 months
Price: Fixed monthly fee system + options

Differences from common consulting services


Talent Development

By working together with your company's human resources manager, you can acquire the human resources development and strategic human resources know-how to take on the role of CHRO.

HR issues can only be addressed within the just consulting period


Formulate HR policies and strategies that take advantage of your company's individuality and uniqueness.

Planning based on general frameworks and best practices of other companies

Ability to achieve

Accompany and support the implementation and establishment of the strategy.

Execution and confirmation of establishment that are outside the scope of service


We work with you from strategy formulation to each measure, so consistency can be ensured.

Analyzing and reviewing HR policies that do not connect management and HR.


Fixed fee system

Large variation in pricing depending on the project

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